Energy & Sustainability

The Iowa Energy and Sustainability Academy (IESA) is a cross-curricular class in which students prepare to enter the high-tech, 21st century world of green building and technologies.

Students will study energy conservation and management, sustainability, design and much more in a hands-on, project-based,communitybased learning environment.

Grades: 9-12

High School credit earned: .5 credit per block each semester

May earn DMACC credit as follows:

Year One:
ENV115 Envioronmental Science (F)

ENV 116 Environmental Science Lab 1 credits (F)
ENV 103 Sustainable Living (S)

Year Two:
BIO 138  Field Ecology 3 credits  (F)

BIO 145 Ecology of Iowa 3 credits(S)

Some unique opportunities in IESA:

  1. Hands on science with water, air, and soil test kits.
  2. Work with real small scale wind generators, solar photovoltaic cells, and hydrogen fuel cells.
  3. Unique –special field experiences such as Minneapolis and Chicago to visit such things as zoos, malls, and museums. See efforts to recycle, save energy, and take care /preserve plants/animals. Also visit wind farms and natural areas throughout Iowa.