Broadcasting & Film

The Broadcasting & Film Department at Central Campus is a dynamic, two-year program which concentrates on the creative and communication aspects of the radio/television/film industry. Emphasis is placed on analysis of career paths and the production techniques associated with gainful employment. Considerable time is spent working on the craft of writing, reading, equipment operation, announcing, creative thinking and management skills. The program may include studio assignments in the FCC-licensed radio station, KDPS 88.1 FM, or submission of film and television projects to DMPS-TV.
Students also have the opportunity to submit work to various contests and festivals, such as the Wild Rose Film Festival, the 48 Hr. Film Festival, the IMPA Film Festival, the Cedar Rapids Film Festival and the John Drury Radio Awards. Projects can also be submitted to colleges and universities in pursuit of scholarships in the area of Broadcasting & Film.

Prerequisites: C or better in Speech and English. Grades 11-12

High School credit: .5 credit per block each semester

May earn DMACC or ICCC credit as follows:

Year One:
MMS 101 Mass Media 3 credits (F)
HUM 120 Introduction to Film (F)
SDV 164 Elect. Portfolio Dev. 2 credits (S)
MMS 105 Audio Production 3 credits (S)
MMS 106 Audio Production Lab 1 credit (S)

Year Two:
MMS 118 Announcing 3 credits (F)
MMS 119 Announcing Lab 1 credit (F)
MMS 205 Advanced Audio 3 credits (S)
ADM 259 Professional Development (S)

HUM 121 America in the movies (S)

Year Three:
MMS 131 Reporting 3 credits (F)
ADM 936 Supervised Occupational Experience
MMS 145 Broadcast Writing 3 credits (S)
ADM 265 Supervised Practical Expereince (S)