Computer Technology

Computer Technology & Networking – Computer Technology and Networking is a one-year two block course designed to assist students in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed for success in one of today’s fastest growing career areas.

The hardware (client side) section focuses on evaluation, repair and replacement of computer hardware components and the installation and configuration of computer operating systems. The software (server side) section focuses on the installation and configuration of network operating systems, network design and administration, security and troubleshooting.

The Cisco CCNA Exploration curriculum provides an integrated and comprehensive coverage of connectivity topics, from fundamentals to advanced applications and services, while providing opportunities for hands-on practical experience. The curriculum teaches networking based on Cisco technology, covering networking theory, protocols, design and implementation of Wide Area Networks.

Prerequisites: B or better in Computer Applications

Grades: 11-12

High School credit earned: .5 credit per block each semester

May earn DMACC credit as follows:

Year One:

NET 213  Cisco 1 Networking  4 credits (F) CISCO

NET 223 Cisco 2 Routers (S) CISCO

NET 233 Cisco 3 CISCO Switches (F)

NET 243 CISCO 4 CISCO Wide Area Networks (WAN) (S)

Networking Security:

CSC 110 Intro to Computers (F/S)

Computer Technology & Networking:

NET 123 Computer Hardware Basics 4 credits (F)
NET 402 Linux Network Admin 4 credits (S)
NET 139  Operating Systems Software 4 credits (F)
NET 512 Linux Enterprise Admin I 3 credits (S)
NET 623 Network Applications 4 credits (F)
NET 628 Network Applications Lab 2 credits (F)
NET 223 Cisco Networking II 4 credits (S)
SDV 164 Electronic Portfolio 2 credits (S)