Home Building Week 1

Sunday, August 24th, 2014

My name is Matthew Thorpe. In the picture I am right behind Nick. I am holding up the fence and learning how to put on the fence ties for the permanent fence. The Home Building skill used in this activity is how to install a chain link fence.

The next thing in the construction process is putting up the shed. Even though the shed walls were assembled we still had to get the trusses up and the osb sheathing on the roof.

Safety equipment that should be worn for the task is gloves and safety glasses. The glasses would help if parts of the ties being cut were to fly into your face. Gloves were used to help prevent more injury from when the ties are being wrapped around.

I did not like putting up the fence. It was one of the slow and boring for lack of better words. Putting on the ties wasn’t horrible and it had to be done, but I just didn’t enjoy it.