The Career and Technical Institute provides advanced career exploration, career preparation, and related academics.

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Program Orientations – Students and parents have the opportunity to meet instructors and learn about the goals and expectations of programs during orientation. Students and parents are always welcome to visit Central Campus!

Academic Achievement – Many students who participate in career and technical courses have the opportunity to earn required academic credit in English, math, science or social science as part of the course.

Internships – Many programs provide opportunities for internships in career related businesses and industries.

Scholarships – Career related scholarships may be available to students who successfully complete career and technical institute programs.

Student Organizations – Career and Technical students have opportunities to develop leadership skills through student organizations, activities and competitive events.

Physical Education – Students may enroll in physical education classes at their home high school or Central Campus. An early bird class is available at Central Campus.

Weighted Grades – The second semester in year two of a Career and Technical program earns a weighted grade. Marine Biology with lab earns a weighted grade during the first year of the program.

Schedule – Schedules vary according to the Career and Technical program. See your counselor to determine the best option.

Download the Central Campus Course Catalog
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