Animal Science & Horticulture

Students learn about animals and plants through hands-on activities and exciting projects. Classes are located at 201 County Line Road (south of the Blank Park Zoo). A large greenhouse and livestock facility allow students to gain practical experience in this career area. To enhance speaking and leadership skills, students are members of the FFA, a national youth leadership organization.

Prerequisite: Interest in related career.

Students are encouraged to take the Animal Science I/ Horticulture I blocks first before taking Fishery and Wildlife, Vet Careers, Landscaping, or Environmental Science.

Grades: 10-11-12

High School credit earned: .5 credit per block each semester

May earn DMACC credit as follows:

Animal Science I & Horticulture I:
AGS 113 Intro. to Animal Industry 3 credits (S)
AGV 124 Intro. to Vet Technician  1 credits (F)
AGH 103 Floral Design  3 credits (F)

AGH 805 Internship 1   3 credits (S)

Vet Careers (Animal Science):
AGV 120 Vet. Medical Terminology  1 credits (F)
SDV 164 Electronic Portfolio 1 credit (S)
AGS 245 Intro. to Animal Science  1 credits (F)

AGS 242 Animal Health  3 credits (S)

Landscaping (Horticulture):
AGH 142 Landscape Construction  3 credits (F)

AGB 331 Ag Business 3 Credits (S)

SDV 164 Electronic Portfolio 1 credit (S)

Environmental Science (Horticulture):
AGH 146 Soils fro Horticulture 3 credits (F)

AGA 157 Soil Lab 1 credit (F)

SDV 164 Electronic Portfolio 1 credit (S)

Food Science Animal Origin

AGC 420 Ag Issues 3 credits (F)

AGB 440 Ag Niche Marketing 3 credits (S)

SDV 164 Electronic Portfolio 1 credit (S)

AGB 331 Entre. In Agriculture 3 credits (S)

Animal Science II

AGV 124 Intro. to Vet Careers

SDV 164 Electronic Portfolio 1 credit (S)

Animal Sci/Vet Careers II

AGB 802 Agribusiness Internship 1 2 credits (F)

AGC 314 Ag Leadership 2 credits (S)