Success Stories

“I am currently a 2LT and a student pilot in the Air Force. I am stationed at Laughlin AFB, near Del Rio, Texas. I have almost 200 flying hours in two different aircraft so far (the DA-20 Katana and the T-6A Texan II), and I have recently started flying the T-1A Jayhawk. My job involves 12 hour work days spent mission planning, flying and debriefing, with more time after work spent studying. I usually have 1 to 2 flights a day, either just to the local area, or to other airports all over Texas.
JROTC was the best High School class I could have taken, and I am glad I took it all four years. It taught me the value of hard work and personal responsibility, confidence in myself, and the leadership skills to succeed and anything I want to do in life. JROTC made me physically fit and disciplined, with the attention to detail that I need every day in my line of work. JROTC also taught me important morals and values that I still have to this day The JROTC Cadet Creed can be summed up using the Air Force Core Values:  Integrity First. Service Before Self. Excellence in all we do.”

2nd Lieutenant Jeffory A. “Brakes” Brenner
86th Flying Training Squadron
Graduated from Urbandale HS in 2008
Graduated from The United States Air Force Academy with a degree in Systems Engineering in 2012