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Teacher Academy students visited the University of Iowa. They learned about the university and financial aid opportunities to assist them with college planning.

Teacher Academy students spent the afternoon reading to Stowe Elementary students as part of their fall practicums. Students complete a sixty-hour practicum during the fall semester working with students and teachers in Des Moines.

Second year Teacher Academy students help the first year students learn about our classroom and their upcoming practicum. First year students will complete a 60-hour practicum in a Des Moines elementary or middle school.

Kimberly&Gene-Callanan Natalie-JohnstonMath Nick-Lesson at Stowe Nick-Stowe Sandy-Stowe ScienceCenter2 TA at ISU allison-stowe Allison-Stowe2 Dallas & Jennifer B-ISU Damian-Stowe2 DataAnalysis1 jenniferd-stowe kayleah-stowe