Success Stories

During my second year in the Teacher Academy, I spent first semester working with first graders at Stowe Elementary in Des Moines. My fall practicum at Stowe was roughly 60 hours and I spent all of that time working closely with students. My favorite thing to do at Stowe was work one-on-one with students who were struggling in math.

In this picture, I am working with a first grader who had just transferred to the school. Right away, her teacher and I noticed she wasn’t meeting the basic standards in math for first grade, so I worked with her individually for about 20 minutes twice per week. During the time I worked with her, she did make improvements and that felt amazing. I’m proud to say that in my two years in the program, I have spent more than 200 hours helping students in Des Moines. The experience at Stowe really changed my career focus. After my first few days there, I began to love the students and the elementary classroom.

I discovered that I am really interested in getting students off to the right start with their learning. If they start off on the right track in elementary school, they are much more likely to be successful as they get older. Because of this experience, I will be majoring in Elementary Education at the University of Northern Iowa next year. I have earned 16 credits from DMACC during my time in the Central Campus Teacher Academy that I can take with me to UNI, so I’ve got a big head start.

Damian Lozoya-Senior from Lincoln​

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