Success Stories – Urban Leadership

Impact Statements


“Urban Leadership means the world to me because it opens my mind to new ideas, motivates me to be a bigger and better person every day, and it helps me understand the importance of strength in numbers in order to create big change.” (Brionna, grade 9)

“Urban Leadership is probably the best thing to happen to me in high school. It’s the only class that has allowed me to truly be myself and express who I am to the fullest, and inspired me to gather as much knowledge as I can throughout my life. They’ve taught us the truth in our history and they keep it raw and unfiltered. In here, they encourage us to not sugarcoat anything and to let our voices be heard. This class is helping me find who I am and helping me build my voice to persuade others when I speak.” (Rashaad, grade 12)

“Urban Leadership 101 is a class I wouldn’t want to miss because I always leave a session with a head full of hip-hop leaders and youth knowledge.” (Julio, grade 9)

“Urban Leadership 101 is a class where we have amazing discussions. We talk about our community and what we could do to make a difference. Urban Leadership is my second home and everyone in the class with me is my second family. I am so lucky to be apart of Urban Leadership because it has made me realize so much that I would never have realized, and opened my eyes in a positive way.” (Leslie, grade 10)

“In Urban Leadership 101, we learn about the duality of everything, like present day problems. This class makes my peers and me aware of our everyday surroundings and we are taught how to spread our knowledge. Urban Leadership is the class I’ll stay until 2am to finish a project and I’m not the only one. This class gives my peers and me a voice to everyone who pretends we don’t have one. ” (Torianna, grade 9)

“Urban Leadership 101 is a class that has made a difference in my life and opened my eyes to this world and lots of problems that people deal with on a day-to-day basis. It has helped me open up to most of my problems and deal with them in my own way. No matter the problem, we have a safe place for everyone to be who they are and more. This class teaches multiple things: history, language, and self-perseverance.“ (Dazunear, grade 10)

“Urban Leadership 101 is like a second home to me.  The experiences we have allow us to grow together, learn about ourselves and be free.  All of the events we put on like Share the Mic, open my eyes to being a better person.” (Emily, grade 9)

“In Urban Leadership we talk about world struggles that happen and different perspectives on history.  We learn true knowledge.” (Russhaun, grade 10)

“This class is a safe space; a place where all students are welcome to share their opinions and beliefs.  We discuss social issues that are present within our own schools and communities.” (Kathryn, grade 12)

“Instead of being held captive inside the cage of a classroom, my teachers have brought the world to us, every piece of history we never knew, but should.  This class had made me socially aware and capable of engaging in dialogue that has the potential to create positive change.”  (Leah, grade 12) 

“Our teachers let the student ideas lead them, which allow us to all grow and become great.” (Breonna, grade 11) 

“This class keeps me motivated throughout the school day.  It has taught me to speak out on issues that affect us in school and in our neighborhoods.” (Mia, grade 11)