Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management – Culinary Arts prepares students for employment in the hospitality and food service industry through the operation of the student-run Campus Café and ProStart Certification from the National Restaurant Association. Students plan and prepare food, use institutional equipment, set up a dining room, and serve customers in the Campus Café. Students also visit restaurants and other hospitality businesses.

Prerequisites: 2.0 GPA, food course recommended.

Grades: 10-11-12

High School credit earned: .5 credit per block each semester

May earn DMACC credit as follows:
Year One:
HSM 100 Sanitation and Equipment 2 credits (F)
HCM 104 Sanitation And Equipment Lab 1 credit (F)
HCM 143 Food Preparation I 3 credits (S)
HCM 144 Food Preparation I Lab 3 credits (S)
COM 703 Communication Skills 3 credits (S)

Year Two:
HCM 110 Baking Lab 2 credits (F)
HCM 152 Food Preparation II 2 credits (S)
HCM 153 Food Preparation II Lab 2 credits (S)
HCM 200 Dining Room Service 2 credits (S)
SPC 101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication 3 credits (S)
MAT 772 Applied Mathmatics 3 credits (S)
HCM 320 Intro to Hospitality 2 credits (F)

Year Three:
SDV 164 Electronic Portfolio 2 credits (S)
HCM 231 Nutrition 2 credits (F)

Summer After Graduation:
HCM 270 Garde Manage 2 credits