FAQ – Career Opportunities in Health

What makes Central Campus courses different from courses in my home school?

Here at CC, there are classes that are not offered at my home school. The courses here are also longer, but more beneficial in order to get things accomplished. Also, some of the classes allow you to step out of the classroom atmosphere and into the ‘real world’work atmosphere.

Bethany Wildt-HHS 2014

Central Campus courses provide more practical learning than my home school. All courses are geared towards helping students excel at things they enjoy and how to utilize new skills in a potential career. At my home school, you take classes for grades and to graduate; at Central Campus, you go to classes to learn things you are able to use later in life.”

Eleni Farrell-VHS 2014

What will I do in courses at Central Campus?

COH is a program for any student who believes they are interested in healthcare or just want to see what it’s about. Students will hear lectures on the fundamentals of  healthcare, but also have the privilege of going out to local hospitals and clinics to not  only see what they have learned in action, but to see what different types of medicine there are and how people interact with one another”.

Eleni Farrell-VHS 2014

In COH, we have class time and hospital time; we observe in local hospitals & clinics 3   days a week.  What you do in your CC course depends on what type of course you take.”

Bethany Wildt-HHS 2014

What are the course requirements for enrollment?

  1. 11th/12th grade students
  2. Prerequisites: Recommended 2.5 GPA, good attendance and behavior, a completed application must be turned in and an orientation must be attended.

How many blocks do I need to schedule for this program?

COH is a 4 block class that meets 2 blocks each day for the entire school year.

What careers will this program prepare me for?

COH will introduce you a variety of healthcare careers and the types of facilities that one could work in.

What type of credit can I earn?

  1. Academic: 1 HS English or .25 PE credit
  2. Fine/Applied arts: 2 Fine/Applied Arts credits each semester
  3. College: 3 DMACC English Credits for morning students

What certifications will I earn? 

No certifications are offered with this class.

Are field trips and study tours available?

COH students will have the opportunity to visit local colleges and various types of medical facilities.

Are there internships or jobs available through this program?

Students spend approximately 15 days observing in one department of the hospital, three different times each semester.

What student organizations/competitions are available through this program?

There are no student organizations or competitions associated with Career Opportunities in Health.