Nurse Aide

Nurse Aide Specialist – This course is designed for individuals seeking employment in health care or pursuing a college degree in nursing. This course fulfills requirements for admission to some college nursing programs. Students will develop nursing assistant skills in the classroom and laboratory setting at Central Campus, and will practice patient care in various Des Moines health care facilities. Internships at local hospitals and clinics will provide hands-on experience that will allow students to explore the big picture of health care. Students will learn the vocabulary and skills required for a successful career in health, and will visit health care and college settings. Upon successful course completion, students will be prepared to take the CNA (certified nurse assistant) exam.

Prerequisites: 2.5 GPA, excellent attendance, interest in a health career, attend program orientation, submit student application and teacher recommendation. Current physical, updated immunizations and influenza vaccine required. Hepatitis B vaccine is recommended.

Grades: 11-12

High School credit earned: .5 credit per block each semester

May earn DMACC credit as follows:
HSC 105 Survey of Health Careers 1 credit (F)
HSC 109 Intro to Health Careers 3 credits (F)
HSC 172 75 Hour Nurse Aide 3 credits (F)
HSC 102 Emergency Care 1 credit (S)
HSC 120 Medical Terminology 3 credits (S)
HSC 182 Advanced Nurse Aide 3 credits (S)

Nurse Aide & Advanced Nurse Aide – Nurse Aide certification is required for admission to most Iowa nursing schools. Either of these courses prepares students for the nurse aide certification. This course includes classroom and laboratory instruction at Central Campus and supervised clinical experience at various health care settings. In addition to the content of the 75-hour Nurse Aide class, the 150-hour Advanced Nurse Aide class covers skills and knowledge utilized by nurse aides in skilled-care units and in hospital areas. Content in the 150-hour course is presented at a faster pace than in the 75-hour Nurse Aide class.

Prerequisites: 2.0 GA for 75-hour Nurse Aide course and 2.5 GPA or better for the Advanced Nurse Aide class, have excellent attendance, submit a teacher recommendation, submit a student application and attend a program orientation. A current physical and updated immunizations are required, Hepatitis B vaccine is required.


High School credit earned: .5 credit per block each semester

May earn DMACC credit as follows:
HSC 172 Nurse Aide 75 hour 3 credits (F/S)
HSC 182  Advanced Nurse Aide  3 credits (S)
HSC 102 Emergency Care 1 credit (S)