Aviation Technology – The Aviation Technology program is designed to train Aviation Industry personnel for careers in various areas of the rapidly growing Aviation Industry. These areas include, but are not limited to: Airlines Maintenance Airframe/Power Plant mechanics or Pilots (requires additional training); and Fixed Base Operators (military or corporate operations.) The training is specific to Aviation, but can be applied to many other areas as well. The Central Campus Aviation Engineering program is the only FAA Certified program at the high school level in Iowa, as well as the only high school program of its type in the entire Midwest. Students have the opportunity to earn up to 44 hours of college credit in the three years of the program. This is at no additional cost to the parents or students and is the most college credits that a student can earn at Central Campus. During the final semester of the second or third year, high school students have the opportunity to attend a one of a kind in the nation internship with the 132nd Fighter Wing of the Iowa Air National Guard. It is here that students get the opportunity to work with the highly trained technicians of the 132nd on F-16 technology that could otherwise not be offered in high school.

Prerequisites: Math, Science, and good attendance.

Grades: 10-11-12

High School credit earned: .5 credit per block each semester.

May earn Indian Hills Community College credit as follows:

Year One:
AVM 103 Aircraft Materials and Processing 2 credits (F)
AVM 113  Airframe Electrical Systems 3 credit (F)
AVM 121  Weather & Warning 1 credits (F)
AVM 101  Cleaning /Corrosion control 2 credit (F)
AVM 105 Regulations and Publications 3 credits (F)
AVM 107 Weights and Balances 1 credit (F)
AVM 111 Ground Operations and Service 1 credit (F)

AVM 119 Fundamentals of Physics 1 credit (F)

AVM 109 Basic Electricity 4 credits (F)

Year Two:
AVM 126 Aircraft Structure and Repair 4 credits (F)
AVM 145 Aircraft Welding 1 credit (F)
AVM 141 Control Systems 1 credits (F)
AVM 123 Aircraft Assembly and Rigging 2 credits (F)
AVM 129 Landing Gear and Brakes 2 credits (S)
AVM 134 Aircraft Hydraulic and Pneumatic 2 credits (S)

AVM 127 Aircraft Wood/Fabric/Finishes 2 credits (F)

AVM 137 Aircraft Instruments 1 credit (F)

AVM 131 Airframe Inspections 1 credit (S)

AVM 117 Avionics/Fire Protection 1 credit (S)

Total Credits DSM Central Campus 35

Nine months Remaining at Indian Hills for A.A.S. Degree 39 credits remaining